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    Keeper Rules

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    Welcome to the Ice Warriors Keeper League!  Please read the following rules;
    Order of Draft: The draft order will be determined by an independant website that will send each GM their draft position.  The draft order will follow the standard snake drafting format: 1 to 12, then 12 to 1, and then 1 to 12.
    There will be 2 drafts, the first draft will be a prospects draft for our farm teams and it will last 8 rounds.  The NHL Summer Draft will last 25 rounds and will be a slow draft with forwards, defensemen, and goalies being eligible to be drafted in any position or sequence.
    Draft order for the NHL Summer Draft will be the reverse of the prospect drafting position.  For example, if Team A has the first overall pick in the Prospects Draft, Team A will have the last pick in the NHL Summer Draft.
    For each Winter draft (takes place in December), GM's must let the commissioner know which players they wish to drop (up to five players can be dropped) no later than seven days before the draft.  If they do not, they will not participate in the Winter Draft.  The Winter Draft will last 5 rounds.
    Future Summer Drafts will last up to 15 rounds. In all future Summer and Winter drafts, NHL players and prospects will not be separated into separate categories as they will be for this initial year. In all future drafts, prospects will be available amongst active NHL forwards, defense, and goalies.
    Drafting Limitations: Players are eligible to be drafted in our league only if they are drafted or signed by an NHL team. Or they are of UFA/RFA status, and have played in the NHL in the past.
    Number of Players per Pro Team: Twenty Five [25]: Three (3) centers, Three (3) left wingers, Three (3) right wingers, Four (4) forwards, Four(4) defense, two (2) goalies, Six (6) benched players. PLUS Three (3) open spots to facilitate 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 (etc..) trades. Giving us a total of 28 slots per PRO team. All position eligibility is based on pool system league is using (Fantrax).
    Farm Team Regulations: Players are considered eligible for your farm team roster if they have played less than 83 NHL regular season games or if they are eligible for this year’s upcoming NHL draft.  We will consider the stats found on the web site to be the final authority on whether a player is eligible or not.
    Managers can trade for as many farm team prospects as they like, but they should remember that they can only carry 8 prospects on the team at the start of the next season except for teams that finished in 11th and 12th position, these teams can keep 9 prospects. After which either a prospect needs to be moved up to the NHL team, traded, or dropped.

    If a roster is full and a spot(s) is required to accommodate a trade, a GM must select a player(s) to drop who will then be eligible during the NEXT draft. (Example: Team A activates a prospect from his farm team and he drops NHL Player A to the free agent pool due to an already full roster. Jiri Novtny may be picked up during the next possible draft by any team, Team A may re-drafted him if desired.)
    A player MUST be promoted to the Pro Team by the start of the next season after reaching 83 NHL games played in the regular season. Eg: Nugent Hopkins is on Team A, and at the start of the 20012-13 season he has played 81 career regular season NHL games. The GM of team A may choose to keep RNH on his farm team all season if he wishes. But once he reaches the 83 game mark he must be put on the PRO roster for the next season or dropped.
    Exception: If a player is traded who has under 83 NHL regular season games played and was on the original team's starting roster, the new owner of that player can elect to place him on his farm team until he reaches the threshold where he must be dropped or promoted.
    Length of season: 22 weeks of Head-to-head competition (one-week increments), followed by 3 rounds (3 weeks) of playoffs and the last week of the season all GM’s will play and the GM with the most points at the end of the week wins $50. This amount leads to the whole duration of the regular season.
    Scoring: Hybrid scoring is points-based but in a Head-to-Head format. Points are accumulated in the following categories:
    For skaters: G (5 points), A (5), PIM (0.3), Shots (0.2), Hit (0.2), Block shot (0.2) +/- (1)
    For goalies: W (8 points), SO (7), Saves (0.2), GA (-1)
    Because the league is Head-to-Head, managers compete against one another in a week-long, pre-set Head-to-Head competitions for the first twenty-two (22) weeks of the regular season (with the exception for the week of the all-star break/Olympics). Each manager plays.
    NOTE: The first week of the season includes any games being played in Europe or Asia the weekend before the start of the regular season.
    Each week of competition refers to games played from Monday to Sunday, and managers must make roster changes before the first game of the week for the upcoming week’s match-up, which are then locked in for the duration of that week. GMs receive either a win, loss or tie at the end of the week, based on accumulated points in all of the categories combined.
    Tiebreakers: Playoff seeding tiebreaker will be based on total number of fantasy points.
    Playoffs: At the end of the season the top eight teams enter the playoffs. In the first round, the team seeded first faces the team seeded eighth, the team seeded second faces the team seeded seventh, the team seeded third faces the team seeded sixth, and the team seeded fourth faces the team seeded fifth.
    The second round features the top surviving seeded team (determined from regular season standings) pitted against the lowest surviving seeded team, and the two teams seeded in the middle play each other.
    The third and final round pits the two surviving teams against each other.
    How many Players can Managers keep each year? Managers may keep players depending on their position in the regular season standings the year before.  Please see the following;
    12th and 11th place keep 16 players, plus one additional prospect
    10th and 9th place keep 15 players
    8th and 7th place keep 14 players
    6th and 5th place keep 13 players
    4th and 3rd place keep 12 players
    2nd and 1st place keep 11 players
    Trades: Trades can happen at any time during the year before trade deadline and right after the conclusion of the playoffs, there are no limits on the number of trades a manager can make. (Except for the initial Prospects and NHL draft where there will be no trading until the draft has reached its completion)
    NOTE: Trade Veto: this veto rule is only to be used in extreme situations to prevent managers from “stacking” a single roster. No one is here to manage everyone else’s team. If a bad trade happens so be it, the GM has his own way of managing his/her team. It is not up to the rest of the league to step in and manage a team collectively. We will only explore this avenue if it is very apparent that a team is stacking for the playoffs or diving for a better draft slot.
    Trading Draft Picks: Apart from players, draft picks in both the Summer and Winter drafts are eligible to be traded.
    Multi-player Trades: Trades where two players are traded for one, or three players are traded for two are allowed, as are other combinations. These three positions will remain unfilled after draft day, but will allow managers to make a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 player swap without having to first drop a player. It is therefore possible at various points throughout the season for a team to have as many as 28 total players on their roster (excluding farm team).
    For example, if Team 1 trades Gaborik to Team 2 for Perron and Shattenkirk, Team 2 does not have to drop a player before adding these two players.
    TBD/TBA trades: Not allowed, “friendly” I’ll get back to you after you’ve won the season trades are not allowed. They generally cause arguments if the player flops or exceeds expectations. At no point is a player allowed to trade for future considerations. This always leads to problems down the road if a player has overproduced, and even more so if the player has under produced.  However, "conditional" draft picks are allowed.  For example, if you have 2 x 2nd round draft picks it may be difficult to determine which pick will have the better pick, so, you can trade one of these picks with the notation "conditional".  Conditional can mean the better of the 2 picks or the worst of the 2 picks.
    Trades for cash ($$$): Not allowed. People cannot buy players or add money into a trade. Its simply not fair for the rest of the GMs who might be on a budget. Any GMs involved in this practice will have their season forfeited, including any cash they may have won. Bottom seeded teams will lose their first 3 rounds of picks.
    Trade Deadline for playoffs: Trade deadline will be announced well in advance each year, no trades will be allowed until after the end of the playoffs.
    Waiver pick-ups: Not allowed. The only way to change players between drafts is by way of trade.
    Injured Reserve: None, seeing as how there is no waiver pickups.
    KHL Protection: In situations where a manager loses a player to the KHL, they will be reimbursed as follows:
    If that player scored more than 75 points during the previous season, the affected manager will be allotted one extra third round draft pick in the next September draft (at the end of the draft round).
    If the player scored between 74and 60 points, the affected manager will be allotted one extra fourth round draft pick in the next September draft (at the end of the draft round).
    If the player scored between 59 and 45 points, the affected manager will be allotted one extra fifth round draft pick in the next September draft (at the end of the draft round).
    For Goalies: 40+ wins one extra third round pick at the end of that round in September.
    30+ wins one extra fourth round pick at the end of that round in September.
    25+ wins one extra fifth round pick at the end of that round in September.
    League Changes: Every year during the off season, owners can submit proposals for rule adjustments or additions. Majority vote of eight to four ACCEPTS proposed changes.
    Cheating: Any GM(s) found cheating will have their season forfeit (if in contention of potential money prize, will also lose their winnings and entry fee.) If in the bottom 4 of the league first three rounds of the summer draft will be forfeit. Any GM caught cheating a second time will be kicked out of the league. NO warnings on the first infractions, and no third chances.

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